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Fire Pumps NEED this... See NFPA 20 & 25 - Fuel Degradation will happen over time!


FTI-1.5A Open Art - Square.png

Automated Stored Diesel Fuel Maintenance System

The FTI-1.5A is specifically designed for diesel driven Fire Pumps.

Single Tank of 1,000 gallons or less of stored diesel.

  • Designed for rack or wall mount 24"W x 24"H x 9"D

  • 90 Lbs - Shipping weight

  • FM APPROVED and NFPA compliant diesel fuel maintenance equipment

  • UL Listed Controller

  • Built to NEMA 3R* Standards

  • 99% fuel sediment removal for best diesel fuel quality (2 Micron)

  • Nearly 100% water removal

  • Automatic Fuel Filtration runs on an optimum schedule, with automatic Shut-Off & Alarms for: Water Detection, Filter Saturation, and Leak Detection

*NEMA 3R is preferred for proper Motor and Pump ventilation.

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FTI-1.5A Brochure
FTI-1.5A Specifications
FTI-1.5A Installation Manual
FTI-1.5A Operations Manual
FTI-1.5A Maintenance Manual

Create your Purchase Specifications

We can help you determine what system is required for your project application. A downloadable PDF is available. 

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