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Automated Fuel Maintenance Systems

Fuel Technologies International (FTI) manufactures the only FM APPROVED automated diesel fuel maintenance systems and provides comprehensive fuel maintenance programs to fight stored diesel fuel degradation by removing the bad actors, i.e. Free-water, and particulate, so that your emergency power systems and/or Fire Pumps are safe, functional, and stable when you need them most.

Naturally, through the development of our product lines and being the longest standing company building Automated Fuel Maintenance Systems, we have become experts on diesel fuel maintenance with best practices for emergency power preparedness.

Our product line offers superior quality with proven engineering to provide reliability with mission critical equipment. We believe using the most dependable system is necessary to protect yourself and others. Others claim extra "features" that reduce reliability. We back our product with lifetime customer support and a 1-year full warranty*.


Most all large tech giants choose our products to protect their valuable equipment, assets, and customers. We still have systems over 30 years-old protecting our customers today. 

Create your Purchase Specifications

We can help you determine what system is required for your project application. A downloadable PDF is available. 

System Choices

FTI-10A 11-22.png

Automated fuel maintenance systems designed for emergency power diesel storage tanks. 

Maintains from 5,000 - 60,000 gallon tanks.

FTI-1.5A Open Art.png

Automated fuel maintenance system designed specifically for diesel driven Fire Pumps.

Maintains up to 1,000 gallon tanks.

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