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Creating a Specification for an Automated Fuel Maintenance System

Project plans can specify a Fuel Maintenance System "FMS" (or Fuel-Oil Polishing System) but might contain unnecessary demands for your application. The simple form below can help write your specification.

Fuel Technologies International Standards

  1. NEMA 3R - FTI cabinets are designed and manufactured to meet this standard.

  2. UL 508 LABELLED - FTI systems automation "controllers" is UL 508 labelled.

  3. FM APPROVED - FTI systems (including the UL 508 labelled controllers) are labeled FM APPROVED & Listed in the FMG approval guide and housed in a custom fabricated enclosure to the NEMA 3R Standards. 

  4. NFPA 10, 20 & 25 - FTI systems comply with NFPA 10, 20, & 25 equipment standards, therefore acceptable by the AHJ.

Fuel Maintenance System Purchasing Specifications

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