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We had an amazing 2023 Symposium, Here is what we learned

First and foremost, FTI would like to thank every participant for attending this years symposium. It was by far the best year we have had and suspect it to only improve from here. Each speaker brought something interesting to speak on and found engagement with the audience. We want to give a special thanks to all the speakers.

Gregory A. Hagopian with FTI - Presentation

Spencer Kissick with MJK Construction

Jim Kozel with Power Source

Dennis Roundtree with Onsite Power

William "Bill" Clary with Pacific Agritec

William "Bill" Thomas with Kohler

Danielle Taylor with VMC Group

Howard Chesneau with "Retired"

Michelle Hilger with Mongoose Power Solutions

If you were interested in any of their presentations, feel free to download them HERE

We learned things from how you store your diesel fuels, to what the future holds for alternative fuels. Important discussions included day tanks, seismic and wind events, radiators, good service technicians and Fuel particulates. These discussions helped to show good and bad practices in the Emergency Power systems we all use, to help us all make better practices and continue to save lives.

This industry has some of the best people we know, caring about the equipment and standards to bring better awareness and safety to our cities. We couldn't do it without all the support. Let's continue to grow and preparing for a better and safer future together!

All the events really rounded out the symposium and made it a great time. We believe in having a good time, even if we are here to learn. The events included an open bar night, bowling night, and of course the annual golfing tournament. Congratulations to Damian Seckora!

We hope to see everyone next year, along with some new faces to continue educating and learning. Please leave a comment below based on your experience.

Thank You!!

Gregory Hagopian

Ryan DeArmond

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