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Find which FMS system is right for your application. 

Project plans can specify a Fuel Maintenance System "FMS" (or Fuel-Oil Polishing System) but might contain unnecessary demands for your application. We are here to help with a simple form below to guide you through the purchasing process. 

Fuel Technologies International Standards

  1. NEMA 3R - FTI cabinets are designed and manufactured to meet this standard.

  2. UL 508 LABELLED - FTI systems automation "controllers" is UL 508 labelled.

  3. FM APPROVED - FTI systems (including the UL 508 labelled controllers) are labeled FM APPROVED & Listed in the FMG approval guide and housed in a custom fabricated enclosure to the NEMA 3R Standards. 

  4. NFPA 10, 20 & 25 - FTI systems comply with NFPA 10, 20, & 25 equipment standards, therefore acceptable by the AHJ.

Specifying a Fuel Maintenance System

Fuel Technologies International is the only FM APPROVED system on the market today providing the reliability required for Emergency Power generators and Fire Pump applications. Feel free to download our specifications from our website. 

Fuel Maintenance System Purchasing Specifications

Contruction Type
How many Tanks per FMS
Fuel Tank Location
How many Gallons per tank
Supplied (single phase) Electrical

Thanks for submitting! You'll receive an email soon. 

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