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Fire Pumps NEED this... See NFPA 20 & 25
Fuel Degradation will happen over time

FTI manufactures the only FM APPROVED automated diesel fuel cleaning systems and provides comprehensive fuel maintenance programs to fight stored diesel fuel degradation by removing the bad actors, i.e. Free-water, and particulate, so that your emergency power systems and/or Fire Pumps are safe, functional, and stable when you need them most.

fti technical information

Naturally, through the development of our line of products, we have become experts on diesel fuel maintenance, long-term fuel cleaning systems, alternative diesels, emergency power supplies, and best practices for emergency power preparedness

If you have any questions, please free to check out our FAQ PAGE.

FTI-1.5A: Automated Stored Diesel Fuel Maintenance System

The FTI-1.5A is the optimum fuel maintenance system for

Single Tank of 1,000 gallons or less of stored diesel.

  • Designed for rack or wall mount 24"W x 24"H x 9"D

  • 90 Lbs - Shipping weight

  • FM APPROVED and NFPA compliant diesel fuel maintenance equipment

  • UL Listed Controller

  • 99% fuel sediment removal for best diesel fuel quality (2 Micron)

  • Nearly 100% water removal

  • Automatic Fuel Filtration runs on an optimum schedule, with automatic Shut-Off & Alarms for: Water Detection, Filter Saturation, and Leak Detection


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